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Doctor Disability Insurance Quotes will give you more than just a quick disability insurance quote. We will carefully review your situation, your earnings and your needs, before matching you with the best insurance policy. The process starts with a one on one review of your current situation.

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What are your chances of becoming disabled?

The chances of an individual becoming disabled for 90 days or more during their working years are higher than you may think. In fact the risk is about three times greater than the risk of a premature death.

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What You Should Know
Disability Insurance for Physicians

What is your greatest asset: Your home? Your practice? They are both vital to your lifestyle, and they are the result of your most valuable asset – yourself, and your ability to earn an income. If you become too sick or hurt to work, what would happen to everything you have worked so hard to build for yourself, your family and your future? As a member of the medical community, it is likely that have you seen with your own eyes that even the most careful patients can have their lives changed within the blink of an eye – by an accident, serious illness, or an unexpected event, such as heart attack. Would you want to settle for second-best malpractice insurance?

If you become too sick or hurt to work, what would happen to everything you have worked so hard to build for yourself, your family and your future?Most Insurance Professionals are limited to certain disability products due to captive relationships with different insurance carriers. Dentist Disability Insurance Quotes is dedicated to evaluating each individual’s particular situation and making the appropriate recommendation. As a member of the medical community would it be possible for you to only have the ability to prescribe one drug and procedure to every client that you treated? Dentist Disability Insurance Quotes works with several insurance companies to facilitate and properly recommend the right product for each individual.

The education and training that you have put into your career deserves protection to make sure that you are covered in your own occupation. The most important feature of a disability contract includes a true “own occupation” definition of disability. This would be defined as the inability to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation but is working in another occupation. In the event that an orthopedic surgeon encounters a premature disability, such as the inability to use his right hand, owning disability insure would provide options. They would still have the ability to collect a monthly tax free benefit from their disability insurance and work in another occupation.

An example of this would be to have the ability to teach at a medical school or any other career that was interesting to them at that time. Many individuals think that they have own occupation coverage, yet their policies must be examined to formulate an unbiased opinion if they have the appropriate contact. In many cases an x-ray of an individual’s disability program must take place to make sure that an appropriate contract is in force. Just as a Radiologist can quickly evaluate an X-Ray, one of our Disability Insurance Specialists can make sure that your disability insurance program is foundationally stable.

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Disability Insurance for Dentists

You have sacrificed worked hard to become a professional in your field. Dentist Disability Insurance Quotes understands that you have special needs when it comes to protecting your livelihood and assets if the unexpected occurs. As a firm geared towards the medical community, we will provide you with the very best options for disability coverage available in the market place.

Recommendations from our Disability Specialists will pertain to your occupation and the specific duties that you conduct. Each occupation within the medical community must be evaluated separately to determine the very best recommendation.

Today, fewer companies offer adequate disability contracts for Dentist than Physicians.As a Dentist, the largest challenge you will be faced with when evaluating disability contracts will be the definition of a disability. Very few companies have an appropriate contract for a Dentist due to the lack of a true "own occupation" contract.

A common problem for Dentists are low back disorders and pain that would cause them to no longer work in their profession. Another common claim for Dentist are problems related to movement of their hands. With a proper contract a dentist would be able to receive a ten to fifteen thousand dollar benefit per month that would be tax free, and still maintain their earnings in a new occupation. Examples of jobs that Dentist have entered include teaching, real estate, and financial planning. One of our Disability Insurance Specialist will be able to evaluate your disability program to determine the right policy for your specific situation.

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Disability Insurance for Residents

As a young professional what is your most important asset?

  1. Home?
  2. Car?
  3. Retirement?
  4. Savings?
  5. Health?
  6. Income?

The long hours that you are putting in now will protect your financial security in the future. If you became disabled now, you would lose out on future years of work and the potential to make a six figure income.

Top Reasons for a Young Professional
Not To Buy Disability Insurance

I expect to stay healthy.
Fact: Statistics show one in ten people ages 25-64, suffer a disability.*

Social Security will take care of me.
Fact: Social Security initially denies about 65 percent of all disability claims**

I can rely on my savings.
Fact: Even with saving 10 percent of your salary, one year of disability could wipe out many years of savings.

I can always do it later.
Fact: People usually don’t get healthier as they grow older, and coverage will cost more.

My family and friends will help me out.
Fact: Are your loved ones in a position to support you? Do you want them to?

I would have to be totally disabled to receive benefits.
Fact: There are two ways to protect your income in the event of a partial disability.

It cost too much.
Fact: The average annual cost is typically only 1 to 3 percent of what you earn.

*1994 Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
**Social Security Forum, Volume 21, No.5-May 1999

The amount of Disability Insurance you can buy varies from company to company. At Dentist Disability Insurance Quotes we are determined to provide the best quotes based on two factors. One, protecting your income today and two protecting you future insurability.

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Disability Insurance for Business Owners

As a business owner, you must also protect the source of your income: the practice you’ve worked so hard to establish and grow. Special policies, available from the same DI Providers who offer high-quality individual coverage, offer your practice protection while you recover from a disability.

To help meet the expenses of running the office while you are disabled, consider a separate type of disability coverage known as Professional Overhead Expense or POE.To help meet the expenses of running the office while you are disabled, consider a separate type of disability coverage known as Professional Overhead Expense or POE. Benefits reimburse your practice for expenses such as rent for your office, electricity, heat, telephone and utilities, as well as interest on business debts and lease payments on furniture and equipment.

Overhead expense insurance specifically designed for professionals pays some additional costs not included in regular business overhead expense policies-including the salaries of employees (except those who are members of your profession). In a practice such as yours for example, salaries for the receptionist and nurse would be covered, but not the salary of your physician partner or employee. However, high-quality professional overhead policies will cover at least part of the salary of a professional temporary replacement for you, such as a doctor retained to fill in during your total disability.

Professionals who are partners in a group practice will want to consider a policy known as a Disability Buy-Out or DBO. In much the same way that life insurance benefits can be set aside to fund a Buy-Out by the remaining partner (or partners) if one partner dies, DBO is designed to fund the healthy partners’ purchase of the disabled partner’s share of the business.

Take the time to consider upgrading your disability insurance coverage today.With the proper agreement in place before disability occurs, hard feelings and conflicts of interest that can result from a partner’s disability can be avoided. Furthermore, in a combination with the disabled partner’s Individual Disability Income coverage and POE, a DBO policy can allow the business to continue to generate an income for the healthy partner, while the disabled partner is supported by the benefits from his or her individual DI policy.

Any continuing share of the business expenses is reimbursed by the disabled partner’s POE policy until the buyout is implemented. Take the time to consider upgrading your disability insurance coverage today. Like your malpractice Insurance, it could be vitally important to your economic wellbeing in the future and helps protect one of your most valuable assets: yourself and your ability to earn an income.

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